BREAKING: Biden Victory Announcement Rocks D.C. – Trump Says…

The news just dropped about a Joe Biden ‘victory announcement’ and it has rocked Washington, DC. President Donald Trump has weighed in — and the political tension has been tightened even more with less than 50 days to go.

“If Biden wins, China wins,” declared Trump at a campaign rally in Nevada a few days ago. “If Biden wins, the mob wins.” Of course, liberals will now excuse Trump of exaggerating, but he is telling the bold truth about what is at stake in this election.

But Trump is right. This is about the future of our country: One path leads to returning to the status quo on China (i.e. rolling over) and rewarding the violent rioters who have been ravaging U.S. cities for weeks on end now.

In fact, what you are seeing is a preview of Joe Biden’s America. All patriotic Americans need to get ready for the outcome if Biden wins — the rioters will be rewarded with the policy wish list of their Marxist dreams. This can’t be allowed to happen.

Americans must turn out in droves for Trump on November 3 and send a clear message that anarchy and chaos will not be tolerated. And, should the violent unrest continue, he will be forced to take additional measures to restore peace.

As Trump said during the rally: “Antifa … they’re bad people, and you know what? They have to pay a price for the damage and the horror that they’ve caused.” He is right. And we all know that Biden will not hold these criminals accountable.

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