BREAKING: Biden Team Admits HUGE Mistake – Migrant Crisis Now…

President Joe Biden’s team just admitted a huge mistake. The border crisis cannot be contained by talking points or the mainstream media anymore.

“Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told members of the House Judiciary Committee that releasing migrants into Texas border communities without testing them for COVID-19 was a mistake,” reported Breitbart News.

It is an ironic twist, considering that Democrats just blocked a bill by Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) “that would have required illegal immigrants released into the U.S. to receive a negative COVID-19 test.”

But there was Mayorkas telling the House Judiciary Committee — after prodding from several Republican members — that testing should be happening. It would seem that Biden and Democrats are sending mixed messages.

Mayorkas also didn’t know how many illegal immigrants had been released into Texas without getting tested for the coronavirus. “There have been times when we have not met our responsibility as well as we should have,” he said.

Maybe, it would even be a good idea for Biden to get on the same page with his own Homeland Security secretary, but this must be asking too much. It would appear that disfunction is all the Biden presidency can offer to Americans.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. This is just a huge mistake really! This is catastrophic mess that Biden & the Democrats have created, you’ll probably try but you really can’t blame Trump this mess falls solely on the whole DEMOCRATIC PARTY just like the pipe line mess loosing jobs, now we have to pay foreign countries to get oil, abortion for all paid by tax payers, 1.9 trillion NON covid relief package aimed to help Pelosi & Dems. state with stupid Governors & Mayors who did not protect their cities from Antifa & BLM, changing our rights in this country without checking with WE THE PEOPLE like a dictatorship, illegals coming through the country when WE THE PEOPLE THE MAJORITY do not want them here without background checks & covid tests etc., & all the other stupid criminal completely asinine horrible changes you are trying to get by WE THE PEOPLE!! Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Cuomo/Newsom/Whitmer/Belasio/Lightfoot/Warren/Sanders/Waters/AOC & most of the rest of the Democratic party plus all the turn coat Republicans, you would rather destroy our country than stand up to this illegitimate President/VP & Pelosi & their tyranny because why????? To chicken to fight or stupid or have you been paid off, or are you in CHINA”S back pocket also!!??!!?? You all disgust WE THE PEOPLE!

  2. Senile Biden and the rest of the Dem liars can not face up to the stupid mistake they made. They even have disgusting comments that the disaster is Trump’s fault. Where did we get these people. Children have more brains then they do.

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