BREAKING: Biden SLIPS Hard – Campaign Humiliated…

Joe Biden just slipped hard. The newly-minted Democratic nominee for president has embarrassed himself once again, and his entire campaign is now humiliated. This is astounding.

During an interview with rapper Cardi B for Elle magazine, Biden got the number of his grandchildren wrong — and this wasn’t the first time.  “I’ve got four kids, five grandchildren — c’mon, I’m an expert,” he said.

Apparently, he isn’t much of an expert at all. He left out two of his grandchildren — one was born in March to Hunter Biden and his partner, Melissa Cohen. The other one has been the subject of headlines.

Hunter also has “a child with Lunden Roberts, an Arkansas native and one-time stripper,” reported Breitbart. “The child’s existence was revealed last year when Roberts filed a paternity suit against Hunter in Arkansas civil court.”

Biden’s son agreed “to pay a monthly undisclosed amount for child support” and healthcare for the child was also included. This scandal provided a major headache for the Biden campaign; it may not be over.

Is the Democrat politician conveniently forgetting about this grandchild or does he simply lack the cognition to remember? And what about his youngest grandchild as well? It appears he has some explaining to do.

Read the full story here.

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