BREAKING: Biden Shows His True Colors… Total Traitor

Former Vice President Joe Biden just showed his true colors. He is a total traitor to the United States — and here is the proof voters need for the 2020 election.

Biden brought up “international polling” and claimed that “that among leaders in the world, Xi Jinping is more respected than the President of the United States.” This is despicable.

First of all, he did not even mention the source of the poll, but even if he did, his remark would still be inappropriate and traitorous. He will say anything to try to win.

Compare Biden’s rhetoric with President Trump’s actions. Since before even taking office, Trump identified clearly that China is an economic threat and must be taken seriously.

While Trump has worked tirelessly to address the problem, Biden is out there bashing his own president and essentially dismissing China as an issue to be confronted.

This is typical behavior for Biden, however. He has repeatedly rebuffed the idea that China must be confronted. Now, he is accusing Trump of being worse than President Xi Jiping.

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