BREAKING: Biden Shocked By Surprise Attack! White House In Chaos…

President Biden’s administration is facing a united attack from Republican states that are passing legislation to counter Biden’s transgender policies.

42 bills have been introduced in over half of the nation’s states that address the issue of transgender athletes. Republican legislators have recognized that Biden’s transgender agenda is harmful to female athletes and have acted accordingly.

The legislation came after President Biden issued an executive order aimed at preventing discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which allowed transgender athletes to compete in either men’s or women’s categories.

Obviously, this has exacerbated the problem of male-to-female trans athletes competing against biologically female athletes.

Biologically female athletes are at a distinct disadvantage when competing against biological males due to higher muscle density and testosterone. The progressive left’s transgender agenda has ironically hurt women, a group that progressives claim to protect.

Many Republican states are sending a message clear and loud to the Biden administration that they will not allow Biden’s radical agenda to succeed.

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10 Responses

  1. While Biden is obsessed with this kind of pc crap, the Pee Wee Herman countries are kicking sand in this administration’s face an and America. We are no longer respected or feared. Between Obama and the people who control Biden, America has been destroyed.
    I hate to see what is happening to our great country which I am proud to be a citizen of.

  2. How do we know Biden really said that? How do we believe a man who can’t talk and hides in the basement. WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE W.H. BECAUSE BIDEN IS NOT. The world knows Biden is in the dementia world. I know. I took care of my father for 17 years which 15 yrs. was the Alzheimer disease. I think the family allowing this to continue are not loving family members. They are out for themselves before dad goes. So sad and disgusting. Senior abuse is happening and everyone is ignoring it. The whole democrat party are a clear and present danger to America and the American people. They know Biden should not be prez. Republicans you need to fight to save America NOW. You may wake up one morning and it will be too late. God help America. We are being invaded by too many illegals. What about the American people?

    1. You’re right Denise, but it’s almost too late in the game to matter now. Corporate players have bought the politicians, judges, supreme court, you name it. They took over the government, stuck some crooked politician puppets into key positions and are moving towards an authoritarian government that the people have no control over. Least that’s the way I see it.

  3. Republicans…. thanks so much for working for the Americian people.
    We love it when you fight for us!
    Keep it up…get interviews with
    NewsMax so everyone knows what you are doing. God bless all of you.

    Mrs Jimmie Dixson

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