BREAKING: Biden Sex Trafficking Conspiracy EXPOSED – Evidence Shocks Nation

President Joe Biden’s sex trafficking conspiracy was just exposed. A high-ranking lawmaker made it public, and the evidence has shocked America.

“Because of Joe Biden, the United States taxpayer is complicit in funding the greatest human trafficking and sexual slavery operation in the history of the world,” said Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX).

Furthermore, said Fallon, “another reason the cartels love mass unlawful migration is because it takes about half of our border patrol agents off of the border.”

Instead of policing the border, agents are actually having to babysit. This is completely unacceptable and contrary to the mission of the U.S. Border Patrol. Does Biden even care?

It doesn’t appear so. After all, he doesn’t even seem to care that his disastrous border policies — which, for all practical purposes, are non-existent — are a gift to the drug cartels and sex traffickers.

This mass influx of illegal immigrants and unaccompanied minors is devastating. Not only is it a dangerous situation for those coming over, but it is a major national security problem for the U.S.

Read the full story here.

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15 Responses

  1. I have heard this from many places. His son and even Congress is in on it. We have to put a stop to this. We are not here for his weird doings. It is time to clean out our government, and anyone else that is involved!! You guys are sick human beings.

    1. They are all scum and from Clinton’s, Obama”s and Biden’s and corrupt DOJ and FBI all cover for them! THEY ALL BELONG IN JAIL! Who are they? NOBODY BUT CREEPS AND THEY FORHET TJRY WORK FOR US! THE PEOPLE! BRING BACK MORALS, RESPECT AND TRUTH! GET RID OF ALL OF THEM!!!!!

      1. Great and true post. I agree with you and they all need to go. crooks and idiots who don’t care about American only about destroying our country and getting richer. Time for impeachment on all of them.

  2. Biden is a chronic liar. He is no good for country. He should just go away and retire.

  3. Yes, the border is just one example. But, how about the operation by the military in the Ukraine, at a real estate holding of the Biden’s that was raided at the end of last year. I know, what! Or how about “Winter Island” that was being held by a holding company for a quick sell, once Epstein was arrested again in the Caribbean island’s. Neighbor’s like Branson, Pitt, Depp! Hey, isn’t Haiti in the Caribbean? I notice, these people and many others have fallen off the social radar. There are know coincidences, none.

  4. Maybe a good idea for all of this drug traffic as well as people traffic
    would be to put them on buses and send them all to Washington D.C. and let the Whitehouse and democratic party handle this situation. They have caused this major problem, let them come up with a solution for their mistake. Also one new rule, they cannot send these people to other states, they either have to keep them in D.C. or deport them back to their original home country. All of this must be done without taxpayers’ expense.

  5. Your site is almost impossible to read with all those stupid popup ads getting in the way. I want to read the stories but not through all that crap, sorry!!!

  6. Bidens and some in congress along with Clinton’s plus many more are all involved,Hundreds of children have been rescued,in other countries. Hundreds in U.S. and countries have been arrested,Many are going down for their pedophilia, and trafficers.

  7. So much corruptness in the Biden administration, including the Biden family. How in the world could we be letting him represent our country. Oh yeah, I remember, by fraudulent voting.

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