BREAKING: Biden Sex Trafficking Bombshell – Nation Is In Shock

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s “open border policy” and hints at eventual amnesty are an “invitation” encouraging illegal immigration, human smuggling, and sex trafficking operations.

Blackburn said the situation at the border is “a crisis of the Biden administration’s making. When President Biden basically said our border is open — you’re not going to be deported, you’re not going to be turned away — people saw that as receiving an engraved invitation to come to the U.S. to get in line and try to get the benefits.”

She continued, “What they’re doing is trying to receive the benefits of U.S. citizenship and the promises of the American Dream without meeting the responsibility and obligations that are required for that.”

The American people need to fight against Biden’s policies, she said, because the impacts of illegal immigration are happening in every state.

Blackburn is trying to get Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and other immigration protocols codified into law so that the border situation can once again come under reasonable control, but it’s bound to be an uphill battle with the current state of Congress and the executive branch.

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15 Responses

  1. How stupid to Open the Border, for “illegals”!!!! Come in the proper way, with papers in hand. They are lead to believe they will be accepted and given free everything. That’s a misconception & cruel to them, to allow them to believe such. I am so disgusted with the Biden Administration, Liberals and the Democrats, who believe this is all okay. Let those they want in, move into their homes, including the Biden’s, Pelosi’s INC. They have walls around their “castles”, but, could care less about the American average, hard working employee’d. We will be paying for this!!!!!!!

  2. Tried to vote on the “should illegals be deported”…
    When clicked on the vote…. the page was blank…wonder why??? could not vote??? interesting..


  3. China and Iran really like Biden’s open border policy. He made it Real easy for them to enter and destroy! Idiot liberals and MSN giving away our country. It is actually treason as the government was setup to protect our shores and borders from foreign intrusion.

  4. Something I find very interesting. All during the months campaigning, I saw Biden decals and lawn signs everywhere I looked. Now I can’t find anyone who is willing to admit voting for him.

  5. I agree with Blackburn. Biden is braking the laws of this country along with Harris. They both really need to be impeached and impeached now. The American people need to throw Biden and Harris completely off of the office that they hold.

  6. What is wrong with having immigrants come into our country like every other immigrant that has come legally. Isn’t it our law that there is a proper way for people to become citizens of the United States? Why are our leaders going away from that law. They say in the name of humanity. Is it humanity when children are sent alone, when women and girls are being raped, when drugs are coming in by the boatload, when Covid is not even being tested for. Is that humanity. NO. Do what is right at the Border.

  7. Absolutely throw Biden and Harris out with the bath water. They are communists and are ruining our great country. May need a revolution as we have many dumb democrat weenies that are dumb enough to follow their stupid theories

  8. Buyers remorse you cannot complain he told you he was going to do this before the election. Just doing everything he said open border raise taxes shut down energy production. He is not pulling any punches he did not warn us of.

  9. I dont mind immigrants wanting to become citizens by the law of America, but i have a problem with allowing open borders where they come and our taxes pay for their housing, food, clothing, medical, etc. We should be taking care of the American people first and thats why Trump will always be my President

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