BREAKING: Biden Secret Exposed – Christians Are Shocked

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said during his acceptance speech that “no miracle” would be coming to take away the coronavirus pandemic.

“The president keeps telling us, ‘the virus is going to disappear.’ He keeps waiting for a miracle,” Biden said Thursday night during virtual convention remarks. “Well I have news for him: no miracle is coming.”

It was an odd statement to follow an hour of speakers who talked about Biden’s strong faith, including that he “knows the power of prayer” and “turn[s] to God for strength.”

Biden claimed that Trump didn’t have a plan for the pandemic, touting his own national mask mandate and other initiatives related to testing and making personal protective equipment.

And while I don’t think prayer alone is a complete strategy for dealing with this pandemic, to completely shun any possibility of miracles is not something I would expect a man of faith to do, either.

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