BREAKING: Biden Scandal Spreads To Shocking Intel Officers [Developing]

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, recently introduced a resolution to strip security clearances from security officials who misled the public about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The logic seems pretty clear to everyone except the Democrats:

If we KNOW you constantly lied to the American people, then you shouldn’t be able to be trusted with levels of security clearance not granted to the average person.

The officials that covered up for Hunter are TERRIBLE people. And they’re the ones with the most access to America’s secrets.

Meanwhile, the hardworking honest batch of us that pay for everything get to see NOTHING that goes on behind the scenes.

Matt Gaetz is tired of it.

He’s published a list of at least 51 people who lied to American citizens, and wants them to be held accountable:

Jim Clapper
Mike Hayden
Leon Panetta
John Brennan
Thomas Finger
Rick Ledgett
John McLaughlin
Michael Morell
Mike Vickers
Doug Wise
Nick Rasmussen
Russ Travers
Andy Liepman
John Moseman
Larry Pfeiffer
Jeremy Bash
Rodney Snyder
Glenn Gerstell
David B. Buckley
Nada Bakos
Patty Brandmaier
James B. Bruce
David Cariens
Janice Cariens
Paul Kolbe
Peter Corsell
Brett Davis
Roger Zane George
Steven L. Hall
Kent Harrington
Don Hepburn
Timothy D. Kilbourn
Ron Marks
Jonna Hiestand Mendez
Emile Nakhleh
Gerald A. O’Shea
David Priess
Pam Purcilly
Marc Polymeropoulos
Chris Savos
Nick Shapiro
John Sipher
Stephen Slick
Cynthia Strand
Greg Tarbell
David Terry
Greg Treverton
John Tullius
David A. Vanell
Winston Wiley
Kristin Wood

Gaetz is also seeking to enter Hunter’s laptop into the congressional record, which would presumably make the contents publically available.

Only two copies of the hard drive are known to exist: One is possessed by the FBI… and the other?

Owned by none other than a Mister Rudy Guliani.

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