BREAKING: Biden Salary FRAUD – Report Proves He…

A cancer charity Joe Biden created in 2017 after leaving office as vice-president spent most of its money on staff and overhead while very little of the funds he raised actually went to fighting cancer.

Biden staffed his Biden Cancer Initiative with former Obama administration officials and paid out 65% of the $4.8 million raised to their salaries before shutting down in 2019 around the same time Biden decided to run for president.

Initiative President Greg Simon made over 654,000 in the two years, and Vice-President Danielle Carnival made more than $391,000. General rule of thumb for non-profits is to spend no more than 25,000 on staff and overhead.

Biden said he was creating the charity because of his son Beau’s death from cancer in 2015.

Curing cancer has been a major initiative for Biden on the campaign trail, but it seems like the desire was more talking points and less actions for Biden, if his charity’s performance is any indicator.

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