BREAKING: Biden Reversal Shocks Nation – Trump Is Cheering

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just shocked the nation. Millions of Americans can’t believe it, but President D0nald Trump is smiling. The timing of this reversal couldn’t be any better.

“President Donald Trump has taken a 47 to 46 percent national lead from the aging and enfeebled Joe Biden in the latest polling from Rasmussen,” according to a report from Breitbart News. This is a stunning reversal of fortunes for Biden.

“In this same poll last week, Biden was up 48 to 46 percent,” Breibart continued. “The week prior Biden was up 49 to 45 percent.” Yes, the momentum is shifting away from Biden and towards Trump with less than 50 days until the November election.

The Democratic Party’s golden boy simply doesn’t have what it takes — he is an uninspiring candidate who happens to be suffering from mental decline. He has also coddled the violent rioting that has ravaged U.S. cities for weeks on end.

By contrast, Trump has outright condemned the riots, looting, and violence; he has even attempted to offer military help to liberal mayors, but they have refused. Trump is also standing squarely behind our police officers, unlike Biden.

Then there’s the ‘Great American Comeback,’ an apropos name for his tour as he’s traveling nationwide. Our economy is bouncing back already as millions of jobs have been added and confidence is returning, and it is only going to get stronger.

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