BREAKING: Biden REPLACEMENT – Report Stuns Nation

A new poll shows that over a quarter of Democrats don’t think Joe Biden should be the Democrat presidential nominee after hearing and seeing his televised denial of sexual assault accusations against an aide in 1993.

Only 41% of Democrats said Biden should definitely not be replaced after seeing his denial during MSNBC’s Morning Joe, while 61% said they did not think he should be replaced.

Younger Democrats were more likely to want Biden replaced, however; 40% of Democrats under age 45 thought he should be replaced, while only 15% of Democrats over 45 thought so.

Of all voters surveyed, 41% found his denial credible as opposed to 38% who did not find it credible. The poll did not ask whether the voters found accuser Tara Reade’s allegations credible.

Reade, a lifelong Democrat, has produced five contemporaneous witnesses to her accusations, as well as a recorded conversation her late mother had with Larry King on his show where she talked about “problems” her daughter had with a “prominent senator.” Reade also said she was willing to testify under oath about the alleged incident.

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