BREAKING: Biden Removal Notice – It’s Happening

President Trump suggested that Democrat talk of using the 25th Amendment isn’t targeting him, but rather Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

President Trump tweeted, “Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. The Dems want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is out of it!!!”

Democrats are getting confident that Joe Biden can beat President Trump in the general election. They are thinking long term about how to deal with Biden and his declining physical and mental health.

Democrats want Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as President but as things stand she is Biden’s Vice President. Removing Biden using the 25th Amendment should he win the election will accomplish the goal of President Harris.

The Democrats’ plan to set up a “Commission on Presidential Capacity” practically confirms that Democrats are aware of Joe Biden’s inability to lead the nation.

Over the last month it has become increasingly clear that Biden/Harris is in fact, Harris/Biden. American voters need to consider the very real possibility that a vote for Biden is a vote for four years of President Kamala Harris.

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