BREAKING: Biden Refuses To Talk – Silence Shocks Nation

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has refused to talk. His silence has stunned millions of people across the nation — and the former vice president is now playing political defense.

Immediately following President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat, the anti-religious, anti-Catholic rhetoric spewed from the left. And Biden’s campaign is completely silent, for now.

“Where is Joe Biden in all of this?” questioned Justin Clark, Trump’s deputy campaign manager. “Silent. He’s dead silent. “Just like he was silent when his administration persecuted the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

As Clark said during a call with the “Catholics for Trump” coalition, “Our faith as Catholics is under attack currently, and it is going to ramp up and get even worse,” especially as Barrett goes through her Senate hearings.

Barrett is a devout Catholic and a loving mother of seven children — two of them adopted from Haiti — and ever since Trump announced her nomination, the pagan left has shown its collective bigotry like never before.

For example, Boston University professor Ibram Kendi accused Barrett of being a “white colonizer” who is using her adopted children as “props.” Calls for his resignation quickly surfaced. This is just a preview of the hate Barrett is going to face.

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