BREAKING: Biden Promises To Do It AGAIN – Nation Stunned…

Spending $1.3 trillion of American taxpayers dollars isn’t enough for Joe Biden.

So he’s promising to do it again.

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration plans to divide its infrastructure proposal into two parts as part of a push to gain support from congressional Republicans for the different priorities,” reports Epoch Times.

The left has always had primarily to tactics for political power: First, enrage their base through identity politics, and second, spend more money than they should in order to appease entitled Democrats into votes.

Biden is playing the predictable but reckless card once again.

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2 Responses

  1. These idiots that deliberately stole the 2020 Election just to keep Trump from being our POTUS will regret their decision immediately! Sleepy Joe and his Red China comrades will and is now destroying our ONCE PROUD NATION OF ITS SOVEREIGNTY AND WORLD RESPECT AND TO FIGHT THE SAME ENTITY THAT THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS EMBRACED!! Only GOD can save this country from the EVIL RUINS Pelosi and Shummer are doing!!!

  2. Only us will stop this insanity. god will only have mercy on those who choose to follow his word and stand up for his enemies.

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