BREAKING: Biden ORDERED To Stand Down – America Shocked

Senator Lindsey Graham is ordering Joe Biden to stand down.

Graham, referring to a possible impeachment trial of President Donald Trump even after he leaves office, said the trial is “insane at every level” and warned it would “create further division in this country.”

“This is a Scarlet Letter impeachment where the Democrats are trying openly to disqualify President Trump from ever holding office again after he leaves office,” said Senator Graham. “This has never been done in the history of our country.”

Calling the possible trial “blatantly unconstitutional,” Graham said the Biden is letting the “radical left” push him around. ”

“He’s sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing,” said Graham said. “One phone call from President-elect Biden would stop this. It would be so easy for him in the name of healing this country to tell Schumer to stand down impeachment.”

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