BREAKING: Biden Officially Orders ATTACK – America Shocked

A parent advocacy group is speaking out against the Biden administration’s creation of a DOJ task force it says is aimed at silencing parents who speak out at school board meetings against policies like teaching critical race theory, pushing alternative genders on kids, and harshly punishing kids who don’t comply with mask policies.

Parents Defending Education emailed its members to mobilize against a “‘task force’ to silence parents who are non-violently speaking out for their children at school board meetings.”

The DOJ task force says it will address “harassment, intimidation and threats of violence” against school officials and school board members after the National School Board Association (NSBA) asked for help against what it said were parents acting like “domestic terrorists.”

The trouble is, there have been no “threats of violence” against school boards, and the Biden DOJ is twisting parents’ actions by likening them to terrorists. Parents are simply speaking out, sometimes having to shout because they are denied their chance to speak, and are in some cases saying they plan to remove (using legal means) school board members they think are not doing their jobs properly.

Here’s a new sschool anti-bullying initiative, DOJ: back off and let concerned parents make their concerns known to schools so that change can be effected where necessary.

Read the full story here.

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  5. These screwed up evil-insane idiots love throwing words around as if anyone is really listening to them.
    A POS 15 year old black kid shoots several people in Texas at his school and walks free on bail?!?!?!
    You wonder why people of all colors don’t like blacks?!?!
    Parents are exactly that, these children’s family, disciplinarians , teaching their children they way they see best….NOT TEACHERS, NOT SCHOOL BOARDS, NOT UNIONS!!!! You sickening people out there that these parents entrust leaving their kids to for 5-7 hours a day ARE the home grown terrorists!
    Take your kids out of every school and home school and save your children from these fricken WACK JOBS that should NEVER be able to be around any children EVER!!
    Turn the tables and start proving these Rats should be put behind bars instead of teaching cause they don’t know the first thing about teaching they only know lies and hate!

    1. & Probably a ”setup”to do just that,more division,,they do all in witchcraft,rituals & numerology.

  6. China joey is being programmed by so called”elite”,in their own minds,that hate our country and are doing their best to erase it.Step up Patriots before we have lost everything.

  7. The only terrorists are Biden, DOJ and the FBI.
    They have absolutely no damn business interfering with local
    school districts. Board members need to answer to parents who have
    no use for CRT being taught to their children. After all they work for the tax payers not the federal government. comrade chairman joe and his KJB (FBI)
    are trying another power grab. Joe should be arrested and tried for treason.
    The FBI should be disbanded and the upper echelon also tried for treason.

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