BREAKING: Biden Not COMPETENT – Campaign In Chaos…

Former Vice President Joe Biden was just declared “no competent” and his struggling campaign is in chaos. The presumptive Democratic nominee for president is taking a huge hit that will follow him all the way to November.

During a now-infamous interview on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ host Chris Wallace asked President Don’t Trump if he thought Biden was “senile.” Trump responded, “I don’t want to say that. I’d say he’s not competent to be president.”

Trump continued: “To be president, you have to be sharp and tough and so many other things. He doesn’t even come out of his basement.” He also cracked another joke at Biden’s expense, saying, “He doesn’t know he’s alive.”

This may seem like petty comments to the mainstream media, but Trump is making an important point here: We have seen too much of Biden’s mental decline, especially over the last year, to have any faith in his ability to be president.

By contrast, Trump is still fully engaged; the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped him. He has provided leadership through this unexpectedly difficult time, while Biden has mostly remained in hiding and refused to answer questions.

Before the virus hit, unemployment was at a record-low and the U.S. economy was stable and growing. Trump is now leading the way out of our current recession caused by China’s failure — and Democrats can’t compete with that.

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