BREAKING: Biden NAILED – New Evidence Proves He Did It

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed that he was the one who led America’s economic recovery after the 2008 financial crisis.

Democrats are using that claim to say that the former vice president is the best equipped to deal with the economic damage from the coronavirus shutdowns.

These claims are patently false as Biden, who proclaimed himself a “sheriff” of the billions of stimulus dollars, mismanaged the stimulus so badly that he may have single-handedly stunted economic growth for years.

The $862 billion that Biden oversaw went to numerous frivolous and seemingly fraudulent projects.

One of the most notable blunders by Biden was his half-billion-dollar loan guarantee to solar panel manufacturer Solyndra. Solyndra went belly-up months after the loan.

Biden couldn’t manage money when he wasn’t losing his mind over ten years ago. Now Americans are supposed to trust him to run the world’s largest economy when he can’t even remember where he is.

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