BREAKING: Biden Nailed In Billion Dollar Scheme – America Stunned

Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said Sunday that Biden’s $3.5 trillion proposed infrastructure deal was “multi-trillion dollar inflation bomb” and that Biden was “reverse Robin Rood” because the poor and middle class would bear most of the brunt of inflation.

“Americans can’t afford more reckless spending,” Lee told host radio John Catsimatidis. “Democrats should be embarrassed to go home to real Americans who are paying the price of Biden-omics and say that the answer is another multi-trillion dollar inflation bomb.”

Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck have seen food costs go up, housing prices spike 23%, and used car prices go up 9% in one month.

How are they supposed to afford those kinds of increases when their income hasn’t gone up 23%?

The “purchasing power goes down dramatically” when government spends trillions, Lee said.

Read the full story here.

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  4. If the Democrats can successfully take away our Rights( as they have been getting away with doing). Take our only means of defending our selves, our families and our own properties, and destroy our election process as they are trying to do, burden us with and unrepayable tax burden then they will have successfully destroyed this Nation! Think about for one long moment. This all came about through this Democrat Controlled Congress and WH. Not Trump, not Bush#43 Not Clinton, but I am not ruling out Obama. the Soros connection is too strong and the influence on the economics bares his finger prints all over it. Don’t be surprised if a new economic system doesn’t pop up next similar to the failed economic systems of Hungary, Yugoslavia and other European Republics

  5. And yet, the poor are being bribed with free money. That will run out and then what. Our government is a total failure.,

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