BREAKING: Biden MISSING – Nation Questions Where…

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden just went missing. Millions of Americans are questioning his whereabouts as the nation begins to slowly reopen from the COVID-19 crisis. It is time for the truth to come out.

“Here’s something weird,” noted Daily Mail reporter David Martosko. “It’s been 76 days since Joe Biden held a press conference. It was April 2 and he only took 4 questions. Hillary Clinton was talking to us a *lot* at this point in 2016. And of course Donald Trump ran us ragged with Q&As.”

Why is Biden missing from the political conversation, then? Well, the answer is simple: COVID-19 has given him an excuse to remain indoors and away from TV cameras. This way, his campaign has the ability to push a message without him getting in the way.

After all, we know what happens when Biden speaks and it isn’t pretty. It is why Democrats are trying to shield him from the press and public criticism, and it is also why they are bashing Trump for planning a massive rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma — they can’t compete with it.

Nearly wherever Trump goes, he fills a stadium full of patriotic, enthusiastic supporters. Biden is going to have trouble filling a coffee shop with a dozen Antifa activists. Simply put, there just isn’t much energy at all for Biden’s candidacy and he doesn’t have what it takes.

In response to Martosko’s Twitter post, a Trump supporter named Xavier Smith even concluded: “Joe Biden is on a downward dementia spiral. The guy forgets his thoughts consistently. He won’t be president for more than a year, it will be his VP.”

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