BREAKING: Biden Mental Health Announcement – Congress Stunned

The White House was stunned by a recent announcement about Joe Biden’s mental health

According to Breitbart News, “Representative Jerry Carl argues there are reasons to be skeptical about President Joe Biden’s mental state. He and his colleague Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, believe that is cause for concern.”

“[Ronny Jackon] was the physician for three different presidents, so he is pretty knowledgable,” said Carl during a recent interview. “I was talking to him, and we were just looking at the decay of Biden in office and what’s going on with Biden. And the only way the American people can find out what is going on — because Biden is not running his office up here.”

Carl said he is willing to take one and Biden should as well. He said America should be able to know the status of the President:

He’s got all the lobbyists and bureaucrats up here running it and putting these deals together for him. We want him to take a simple cognitive test. You know, I’ve got my staff checking to see if I can take one. If I can judge him by his, I’ll let people judge me by mine. I think that’s fair. There’s a huge decline going on with him right now.

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7 Responses

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  2. As a health care professional, and a care giver for a couple of family members with Alzheimer’s, I definitely think Joe Biden is getting it, not even at early stage. But more serious than that!
    May God bless America and Americans!

  3. Dems were all for these tests with President Trump and he was not showing any signs he needed one! Can’t say the same for the person in the oval office today. Not a put down, just a fact. I am stunned at the willingness of some people to put him in this position.
    And then of course there are those who l put nothing past!

  4. How can America continue to have a President that does not have all his mental faculties? Are the dems that blind or are they so eager to keep power that they don’t care what happens to our country?

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