BREAKING: Biden Makes Terrifying Move – Second Amendment Bombshell

Joe Biden just made a terrible move. He has dropped a Second Amendment bombshell and law-abiding citizens nationwide are on high alert.

“As President, I pledge to continue to work together with Congresswoman Giffords, and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country, to defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America,” said Biden.

Ten years ago, Giffords was tragically shot by a rogue gunman and nearly lost her life. She survived by the grace of God, but Democrats have used the incident since then to attack the Second Amendment and pro-gun groups.

The problem with Biden’s pledge to “end the epidemic of gun violence” is that his plan will further strip law-abiding Americans of their right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and will do nothing to stop gun violence.

If anything, more gun regulations increase the possibility of violence because gun ownership becomes even more cost-prohibitive and difficult for the average American — thereby leaving people vulnerable to violent criminals.

Biden wants “to defeat the NRA,” which is one of the oldest civil rights organization in the United States. His actual gun control proposals are absolutely horrific as well and will not make the United States safer.

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