BREAKING: Biden Makes 180 Degree Reversal – Democrats Are Fuming

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just made a 180-degree reversal and Democrats are fuming. He has completely destroyed his chance at winning the White House. This is a stunning development.

During a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, Biden was asked about supporting a “nation-wide shutdown” in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  “No, look, he’s the guy that shut it down,” responded Biden, clearly blaming President Donald Trump.

But here’s the thing: Back in August, Biden was asked virtually the same question. “I would shut it down,” he said on ABC News. “I would listen to the scientists.” Once again, he is trying to have it both ways — and that’s not the only problem.

Biden’s criticism of the president falls entirely fall. Trump didn’t shut the country down — he formed a coronavirus task force to monitor the situation and work with the CDC to provide guidance to states. He also suspended all travel from China.

Governors and mayors made their own decisions about how to best respond to the virus, with some implementing rigid lockdowns and others balancing health and economic considerations. Biden knows this to be true.

However, he would rather use the virus for political gain than give the facts to the American people. Biden is the one who wants to abuse his constitutional authority and institute a lockdown — and it is coming if he becomes president.

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