BREAKING: Biden Loses Marbles In Front Of Country – Awkward Video Shocks…

President Joe Biden delivered a speech to the AFL-CIO, America’s largest federation of labor unions, on Tuesday and spent the speech lashing out at his critics and deflecting blame for the state of the nation.

The President seemed to lose his marbles during the speech and made such absurd claims that any rational American would be alarmed by.

President Biden repeated the lie that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was the sole reason that gas prices had hit record highs. Biden claimed that “I’ve done everything in my power to blunt Putin’s gas price hike. Just since he invaded Ukraine, it’s gone up $1.74 a gallon, because of nothing else but that.”

Of course, the President is lying and anyone who paid attention to his election campaign knows that.

President Biden campaigned on a platform of shutting down oil drilling in the United States, and by many metrics, that campaign has succeeded. However, the Biden administration is attempting to memory-hole that platform and blame Russia for the fuel woes affecting the nation.

The President’s speech did not bring unity and hope to the American people. Instead, the President demonstrated that he is not making life better for Americans, nor is he in his right mind.

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