BREAKING: Biden Just Gave Her The Top Spot! America Is Stunned

Joe Biden just gave her the top spot. Millions of Americans are stunned by this move, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone — he is all about bringing back the DC swamp creatures.

“Joe Biden has purportedly settled on former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen as his secretary of the treasury,” reported Breitbart News. Yellen is described as “a longtime Washington, D.C., insider.”

Before chairing the Federal Reserve, Yellen “served as chair of the White House council of economic advisers under former President Bill Clinton.” She would be the first woman to lead the treasury department.

The contrast between a pick such as Yellen and President Donald Trump’s cabinet couldn’t be more stark — Trump prefers agency heads who will shake things up, while Biden is all about the status quo.

This is the DC swamp taking revenge through Biden. If he is actually sworn in as president, not only will he populate the executive branch with career bureaucrats, he will do their bidding whenever asked.

Americans who voted for Biden may soon experience buyer’s remorse. He may have talked about “unity” on the campaign trail, but he is a do-nothing politician who only knows how to expand government for the elitists.

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