BREAKING: Biden Issues REVERSAL – Dems Are Furious

Former Vice President Joe Biden just issued a major reversal. Many Democrats are furious with him — they are stunned by the leading presidential candidates’ about-face. This is unbelievable.

“The American people don’t want us in a political fight, and I want no part of a political fight either,” said Biden. But he even took it a step further, which is sure to enrage the Democratic Party’s anti-Trump base.

“But when the president says things that, in fact, turn out not to be accurate, we should not say, ‘You’re lying.’ We should say, ‘Mr. President, that’s not the fact, here’s the deal,'” said Biden.

Apparently, Biden’s campaign discovered that calling President Trump a “liar” wasn’t working out — especially during the coronavirus crisis. That’s the only explanation for this shift in messaging strategy.

Biden must have also seen the recent Gallup poll showing that 60% of Americans “approve” of how Trump has handled the U.S. response to the pandemic. This served as an earth-shaking wake-up call, no doubt.

However, the Democratic Party’s frontrunner backing down is a silent admission that he is currently losing — and it doesn’t bode for his outlook in November. Trump is going to be re-elected easily.

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