BREAKING: Biden Is Too Late – Democrats Shocked

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declared that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s attempts to condemn the riots and unrest came far too late.

Speaking Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” McCarthy said, “He has actually said he would defund the police,” he added. “He says I didn’t use the word. No, he wants to reallocate the money. That’s defunding the police. It’s too late for Joe Biden to stand up to what has been going on day in and day out.”

McCarthy also pointed out how people in the Biden campaign had donated money to assist rioters with their legal fees, showing that the Biden campaign is ideologically aligned with the rioters and protestors.

The ceaseless unrest and riots of the past three months have worn on normal Americans and they are sick of it.

Biden has realized too late that siding with the rioters and the protestors is going to lose him thousands of votes in key battleground states.

There are already significant signs that the latest riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are having a significant impact on the race. Citizens abandoned by Democrat leadership are looking to President Trump to save them and will vote accordingly in November.

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