BREAKING: Biden Is Officially OUT – Democrats Shock Nation

President Biden’s time is running out as new polls are showing that even Democrats are losing their patience with the President thanks to a combination of different issues that have continued to grow and fester.

Polling data from the Associated Press found that the number of Democrats who believe the economy is in a good state slid to 35% in May, down from 47% in April.

The AP wrote that, “The percentage of Democrats who say Biden’s policies have done more to help tumbled from 45 percent to 37 percent. A majority of Democrats say Biden’s policies have hurt or made no difference to the economy, with 18 percent saying they hurt and 44 percent saying they’ve made no difference.”

Things have gotten so bad, and with no change in sight, the President’s Democrat supporters are beginning to lose faith in his abilities.

Rising fuel prices and skyrocketing inflation have hit Americans of all political allegiances. No amount of loyalty to the Democrat Party will save any American from the crushing economic consequences of the Biden presidency.

Unfortunately for President Biden, he doesn’t have many options to address the economy. Things will likely continue to go downhill, and Democrats may replace him once his first term is over.

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