BREAKING: Biden Is GUILTY – Evidence Stuns Country

President Joe Biden was just found guilty and the evidence has stunned the country. Americans need to make their voices heard before it is too late.

According to a new report covering the month of February, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) allowed the majority of the migrant families it encountered on the U.S. southwestern border to stay in the country,” even though the United States was under a COVID-related health order enacted by former President Donald Trump.

Trump’s order aimed “to prevent the spread of coronavirus prohibits entry to aliens who may be considered a health risk,” reported Fox News. Biden seems to have completely ignored it for purely political reasons.

In fact, over the course of February, in which Trump’s order was still in place — even though Biden was now president — “only 7,915 were expelled from the country” out of a staggering “19,246 total encounters.”

The United States is a compassionate, welcoming country. People come from all over the world to take part in the American dream. However, there has to be rules that everyone has to follow. This is also true during a pandemic.

The crisis at our southern border cannot be overstated and now presumably thousands of people have entered the country since Biden became president, and we know nothing about their health history or intentions. It is a massive betrayal.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

  1. Democrats do what they want, regardless if it is constitutional or not and they aren’t held accountable for their actions–nobody has gone to jail.

    1. I’m so disappointed in this administration they do not know what they are doing and putting us all in danger.

  2. It appears that Pelosi is running the playground through bullying, and has a smaller active case of dementia, that runs in her family. After all if Joe leaves office due to health concerns she becomes vice president.

  3. Pelosi has a real mental problem. She’s nuts and belongs behind bars. But of course she’s not the only one. But she is completely out of control. She blames TRUMP for the wrong doings the she does.

  4. That is just what the plan has been all along. They knew Biden could not finish his term and they have been using him to get their far left agenda in place so they don’t take any heat. They think every one is stupid when only half the country is, the half that voted for Biden.

  5. How about Biden and Jill you have some of those untested illegal immigrants stay with you or in one of your many homes. Isn’t that what you are asking the American people to do? I can just see those little children being sent out to homes that will abuse them and use them to get the money. Disgraceful. As a Catholic have you heard the saying “Do unto others as you would haves them do unto you”? Oh Yeah those kind of things don’t apply to Dems.

  6. Biden has dementia,Pelosi is mental,Harris is also showing she is inept & not trustworthy; there is no leader;looks like a civil war is the only option; by letting illegals in w/ COVID Biden has shown that he is not interested in protecting us ; no matter what is said the influx will continue; a demented president cannot possibly run our country; they knew this wd happen

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