BREAKING: Biden In Shocking Hostage Situation [Developing]

The Biden administration went from a country that was energy independent thanks to oil pipelines and shale oil production to a country that has just had to beg OPEC to produce more oil so that prices can come down, former Interior Secretary of the Department of the Interior Ryan Zinke told Breitbart News on Thursday

Under Trump, gas prices were around $1 per gallon cheaper than they are now, and the U.S. was producing enough oil to meet its needs.

Biden shut down several oil pipelines and has basically declared war on the oil industry, even though the country is still heavily dependent on oil for its functioning.

“We became the largest producer of energy … in the world,” Zinke said. “Now we’re asking our foreign allies — sometimes adversaries — to produce more energy when we have it here.”

Biden is in lockstep with “crazy environmentalists,” Zinke said. “Environmentally, it is better to produce energy in this country under reasonable regulation than watching it get produced overseas with no regulation.”

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60 Responses

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      1. biden needs to be impeached for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution.

    1. James that wasn’t nice . You shouldn’t insult innocent Tater Tots by comparing Slo Joe to them . After all they may only be Tater Tots , but they do have feeling


    1. They are losers just like biden
      He needs to go to the cave he came from
      What a disgrace he and the demorats are.

    2. Did they? Really 🤓That’s the question that will always be in the posterior after the WORST PRESIDENT in history

  3. What good is a president that doesn’t look out for its citizens ??? Hey. Joe, are your pockets getting heavy yet ??? You are a sorry excuse for what’s called a president and his administration of a great nation – WHAT’S THAT – IT USED TO BE YOU SAY !!! It’s getting worse by the day AND WHO’S TO BLAME ??? Some people say he was voted in – I say the voting process was crooked as a snake – coiled up and ready to strike !!!

    1. He joins the ranks for Fat Kim, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Ceaușescu, Idi Amin, Mussolini, to name a few. Evil to the core – before he became totally demented. I hope the Left is proud of their choice.

    2. Yes, Jerry, we need to get our legally elected President Trump in to save our country before it’s totally destroyed by the Demrats.

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  5. Biden and his henchmen have totally let down the American people. We are all so tired of his games. He needs to go and go NOW.

    1. Where are the supposed “95 percent” of the American people the lamestream media claim that back Biden’s ruinous policies? They’re as big a joke as he is.

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  8. America’s biggest mistake in the last twenty years. Be careful who you vote for. Now we have high gas prices, open border, inflation, crime in our streets, disaster in our education system and a spreading pandemic. This is just a few to mention with few actions from the White House.

    1. This was not a mistake. President Trump won the election by at least 20 million votes. Shows how corrupt our government is.

  9. What did we expect put Biden in office who has a record in the Senate & VP as a do nothing good or legal only tax social security twice, best friends with KKK & now China, always screwing things up, even Obama was not pleased with him & from all that you thought he would make a good President boy if you were one of those people I have a bride to sell you cheep!

  10. WOW!!!CAPTCHA is on a roll. That is two of my posts in a row that he/she hasn’t liked so I got deleted. The truth hurts doesn’t it CAPTCHA?


  12. Chinajoe has put us in the wringer. Biden voters will get what they wanted total disaster. Unfortunately the rest of real Americans have to pay for that mess too.

  13. I expect another Arab oil embargo any day now. Then it’s a repeat of the gas lines of the 1970s. They will find a way to blame it all on Trump. The Democrats will keep the Congress and White House in 2024. Wake up America. If Joseph McCarthy was still alive he would be saying; “I TOLD YOU SO!”

  14. Biden should be arrested for what he did and what is going to happen to Americans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Enemy of the American People is the Democratic Party and ALL of it’s members. They wanted more people in OUR country so Biden will make them citizens and vote for Democrats. Why are we letting this happen ? I hope ALL Americans will wake up and stop the Democrats forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats are not Americans, they have never been Americans and never will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. See what hatred can do. It takes over your whole life and you can’t make rational decisions anymore. The hatred for another person is all you can think of. That is what we have now in the Democratic party and especially within the ranks of the Biden administration. Thank you to all you Trump haters that preferred a demented old man to a person that has done more good for our country than any other President.

  16. Democrats will do anything to get there way Now if we can get Republicans to start doing something. But there’s to many Planted Democrats in the Republican party.

  17. Wonder how deep his pockets are for this fiasco ??? Biden and his administration have done nothing but destroy America and American values since day one !!! This has got to stop and what’s it going to take – America going down the drain ???

  18. Criminal Biden , Thief and leader of the crime familys
    Impeach, Remove
    Take out the slime

    Cannot Be trusted

  19. Biden to trapped americans in Kabul….You are on your own and the only reason you got trapped is because you are a Trump supporter…..We are going to tie ole Joe around your necks in the next elections…..

  20. My heart is broken over the state that our current administration has put our country in. We were doing so well before Biden. Who in their right mind can say that we are still doing well.

  21. If someone with an IQ of 150 Tried to Destroy this country he could not do a better JOB than QUID, PRO, QUO JOE. Hey Joe is HUNTER involved with the TALIBAN by any Chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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