BREAKING: Biden Hiding Coronavirus Truth – He’s Guilty

President Joe Biden is not telling the whole story when it comes to the impact of his immigration changes and the safety of the American people.

“We all know that COVID is an issue, and we’ve tried to do our best to respond to it,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton during a recent interview. “We’ve had all kinds of restrictions. We just talked about this issue that we’re loosening up restrictions, trying to get businesses back on their feet, and then we’re just going to let more COVID come into our country? It’s — I don’t know how you explain that other than to say that’s absolutely irresponsible on the part of the president for letting this happen.”

Paxton applauded the Governor Greg Abbott of Texas claiming he has made the best decisions for citizens of the Lone Star State:

Gov. Abbott’s moved in the absolute right direction with giving — putting the decision in the hands of people who need to make the decisions about themselves, about their own lives, letting business owners decide what they want to do. If they want to have restrictions they can, and then consumers can decide if they want to show up.

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2 Responses

  1. If one US citizen get sick with Coronavirus from any of these new immigrants that this Administration allows to come in during this Pandemic the POTUS is unquestionably the lone responsible party. If that person loses his/her life than the charge of murder should be laid around the President’s neck. And his administration along with the Speaker of the House and the Majority leader of the Senate should be charged as conspiritors.

    1. Totally agree! Can’t believe the conservatives just sit on their hands & do nothing! Wake up America before there is no America as we know it! It is way past time to take back OUR country by whatever means necessary!

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