BREAKING: Biden Health Emergency Bombshell – Nation in Shock

The news just dropped about a Biden “health emergency” and the nation is shocked. This bombshell notice will have serious ramifications.

“President Joe Biden’s administration is weighing the idea of declaring gun violence as a public health emergency, in order to take dramatic executive action to tackle gun rights,” reported Breitbart News.

That’s right — he wants to declare a nationwide “public health emergency” in order to gut the Second Amendment. Specifically, this would allow him to dramatically shift funding.

He would embolden “the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to increase their inspections of gun dealerships.” An activist-driven ATF is the last thing we need, however.

Biden also wants to go after “gun kits” and enact “strengthened background checks” through executive action. He has already issued more executive orders than any other president in their first two months.

Since Biden cannot get gun control passed through Congress — especially since the Senate is split 50/50 down partisan lines — he is willing to push his constitutional boundaries. Make your voices heard.

Read the full story here.

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30 Responses

    1. if he is not health enough to do his job why is he allowed to sign any executive orders anymore?

  1. Came across this on Facebook “STATE OF THE UNION topics”
    We have a President with dementia, an ex-call girl for a Vice President, a transvestite over HHS, the President’s son who is a crackhead, a human-trafficking pedophile who money laundered billions from other countries using his father’s office and sharing half with big guy, the crackhead’s buddy is the head of the DEA, the crackhead’s other buddy is now in the DOJ, a guy who slept with a Chinese spy is over our DHS, we are borrowing all of our money now from China and we gave them access to our power grid, hundreds of thousands of virus un-vetted immigrants are coming for our treasure and possibly our lives, depending on how many terrorists slip through, and the Democrats are still focusing on destroying a former President. Add this to the 40,000 jobs lost in the past months. Yet we are supposed to believe that Biden is pro-America? You just can’t make this up. God help America, our children & grandchildren.” I’m adding our Country deserves better, above comment is our State of the Union, Tax and spend tax and spend”

    1. You are so right. We need to IMPPEACH BIDEN & put president Trump back in our GOV. He won in our election. A lot of fraud!!

      1. Hey Carolyn, i absolutely agree 100%. These rotten thief will rot in hell forever. Poor China Joe can’t do the job that they stole for him and Queen Nancy & Chucky Cheese are destroying our Republic. God Bless America.The Republican should create the Benedict Arnold Award ands give it to Mitt Romney next week.

        1. You are right – it looks like they will rot in hell. Read the 20th chapter of the book of Revelation in the Bible. It tells it like it is.

    2. AMEN!!!!!! (That statement is the truth!!!! When will people wake up and see this country being destroyed by the incompetent!!!!)

  2. hmmmm….80 million TRUMP voters.
    NONE of which will give up their 2A.
    Biden-Harris are treasonously reckless. Soooo….Where’s Mitch?
    Trump would be impeached by now.
    RNC in on the destruction of America?
    The people need a rally point.

  3. Now he needs to ban cars & trucks, kitchen knives & machetes & kettle bombs to further stanch the violence. People driving through crowds, detonating bombs at marathons, chopping up bobbies on bridges. Why address only GUN violence when there is so much more?!!!? Or is the problem more like a defective education system, rather than inanimate tools??? Should we try teaching our citizens, our children, the difference between right & wrong?

    1. EXACTLY!!!!! I’ve said that for years —– get the “impossible” guns out of Criminals hands —- it’s not the average, family owned, who are the problem; but the “crazy” crooks and thieves, with guns, who are the problem!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gun control is a form of prejudice against a group of law-abiding citizens who are simply exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms uninfringed.

  5. These people can’t control the gun violence now at hand !!! Who protects the home since the call for reducing police forces exists !!! What kind of fool would make such a claim of law abiding citizens !!! Control crime in the democratic cities before you start something you can’t control – like the border crisis !!!

  6. The American citizen has every right to protect themselves and their family’s..when politicians talk about taking guns they are talking guns away from the people who legally own their guns and have no intention of doing any violence with them.,BUT for the politicians they are easy pickings, and then the politicians can bathe in the lime light for doing NOTHING to solve the real problem.. They are trying to use the same method that was used before the second world war…and you see what those folks went thru without protection. Our rights are little by little being stripped away from us…..and American will no longer be a free country….we will be a country run by dictators

  7. Stupidity and wanting to over throw our constitutional tights and evil reigns supreme in our highest level of government!!!!

  8. Let’s legalize drugs and arrest all the straight people and get all the sober drivers off the road so the drunken drivers want kill anyone why take guns from criminals that vote Democrat if you vote Democrat you can do whatever

  9. Everybody knows that Biden is just a puppet for the Dem’s or should I say Commie’s he doesn’t know what he’s doing and someone else is pulling the strings, what a shame. We need Donald Trump back so badly as he was a leader.

  10. But letting thousands of illegal immigrants into the country without health checks and corona tests is not a national health emergency?
    This alone should be justification for Biden’s impeachment.
    Truly a nation run by idiots!

  11. They will have to kill me before I give up my guns and i promise I will take a few of their stormtroopers with me.

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