BREAKING: Biden Health Bombshell – Election Plan Uncertain

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is facing a huge challenge in important battleground states. Voters in key states aren’t convinced he is mentally sound.

In a recent poll, likely voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were asked if they believed Biden was mentally and physically able to be President.

The results of the poll conducted by Restoration PAC released this week showed voters split down the middle on Biden’s mental and physical fitness for the most powerful office in the world.

Biden’s campaign has limited his appearances to avoid costly gaffes and mistakes. Despite the campaign’s efforts, there is a stunning number of voters who don’t like Biden’s state of mind.

In Biden’s latest appearance he stated that coronavirus had killed 120 million people, while the actual number hovers around 120 thousand.

Much more disturbing was Biden’s claim last month that undecided African-American voters weren’t black if they couldn’t decide to vote for him over President Trump. Biden’s mental state is deteriorating and it may cost him the election.

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