BREAKING: Biden Gets YANKED – He’s Gone

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden put a “lid” on his campaign, which means that he would not make appearances or release any statements for the rest of the day–at 9:20 a.m. on Thursday.

This marks the ninth day in September that Biden stayed off the campaign trail, even virtually. Biden told reporters on Wednesday during an appearance in North Carolina that he would be taking most of his time the rest of the week to prepare for the first presidential debate next week on September 29.

Some journalists said that it reminded them of Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s lack of energy at the end, however. Clinton also spent a lot of time off the campaign trail, and that was even before the coronavirus gave people an excuse.

President Donald Trump, in contrast, has had multiple events and rallies most days while doing the job of president at the same time and presumably also preparing for next week’s debate.

Biden, of course, responded to the criticism by mocking Trump for a months-ago incident where he had trouble navigating a slippery ramp in uncomfortable shoes.

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