BREAKING: Biden Gets Terrible Diagnosis – It’s Over

President Trump’s quest to win the moderate vote is in full swing after Thursday’s debate. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was roundly beaten in the debate according to a focus group of “undecided voters.”

Pollster Frank Luntz gathered a group of undecided voters for the Los Angeles Times and the group overwhelmingly supported President Trump by the end of the debate.

One voter from the group said, “If I had to go with one person I’d probably go with Trump because at least he has proven something in his 4 years.”

Another voter from Michigan, a crucial swing state said, “I really really really wanted to vote for Joe Biden. I really really do. But, I just, based on tonight’s performance, Donald Trump…”

Biden has done a great job in winning hardcore Democrat voters who would vote for anyone over President Trump, but he is failing to win moderate voters who aren’t inundated in politics.

Those voters will be crucial to victory as a presidential candidate has to win more than just California and New York to be president. Anyone doubting that should go ask Hillary Clinton to explain.

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