BREAKING: Biden Gets Bad News – Virus Is Now…

A new poll by Monmouth University delivered some bad news to Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden: President Donald Trump is gaining the public’s confidence with his daily coronavirus briefings.

50% said they approved of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, compared to 45% that didn’t approve.

The poll also found that his overall approval rating increased by two percent to 46% in the poll. Overall it could be much worse for Trump as coronavirus cases increase by thousands every day and the death toll has approached 600.

The poll was conducted between March 18 and 22, during which Trump was advocating social distancing for all Americans and get-togethers no larger than 10 people at a time. Many states had also shut down schools and non-essential businesses to slow the spread as well.

I guess Democrats’ efforts to create an unprecedented panic haven’t worked in their favor as much as they thought it would.

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