BREAKING: Biden Gets Bad News – Campaign Devastated

Former Vice President Joe Biden just received some bad news. The Democratic Party’s frontrunner is devastated — his presidential campaign may not recover from this earth-shaking development.

According to The Daily Wire, citing a report from Politico,  Biden’s campaign “is in the midst of a massive restructuring … retooling its strategy, adding staff, and addressing dismal fundraising numbers.”

In fact, even though Biden is officially the frontrunner for his party’s nomination, his fundraising numbers did not pick up after emerging as the Democrats’ clear favorite to face President Donald Trump in November.

Given that the COVID-19 crisis has monopolized headlines, it is safe to assume that Biden’s campaign has used this time to reevaluate its strategy and hunt for more campaign cash. But then there’s the Bernie Sanders factor.

Yes, while it’s true that the socialist senator from Vermont likely cannot win the nomination outright, he is hoping to continue siphoning off just enough delegates to force a contested convention in July.

Biden currently has 1,210 delegates and needs 1,191 to clinch the nomination. By contrast, Sanders has 901 delegates — which means he’s technically not far behind. The far-left faction of the Democratic Party isn’t excited about Biden.

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