BREAKING: Biden Finished – Nation Stunned

Former Vice President Joe Biden is finished. Americans across the nation are stunned — they can’t believe this was buried by the mainstream media and then uncovered. Biden’s campaign is panicking.

Writing for Breitbart News, John Nolte, the publication’s editor-at-large, has a must-read expose on Biden’s sexual assault allegations. Nolte is now convinced that Biden assaulted Tara Reade and has presented 16 reasons.

First of all, Reade never changed her story. “The allegation Reade changed her story is false,” wrote Nolte. “She still claims Biden engaged in unwanted touching but that this was separate from the assault.”

Reportedly, Reade also has “a paper trail backing up this claim.” Nolte’s other points include the observation that she is a lifelong Democrat who has continued “to push the issue” even though Biden is the defacto nominee now.

Furthermore, during the time period in which Reade is accusing Biden, she worked in Biden’s Senate office. This means she had regular contact with then-Senator Biden and she’s been saying the same thing since 1993.

Nolte goes into several more points — 14 major ones to be exact — and it is vital that Americans take a look at the evidence before heading to the ballot box in November. Democrats can’t protect Biden politically anymore.

Read the full story here.

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