BREAKING: Biden Financial Scam Exposed – Over 15 Million Dollars…

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden was caught lying about his financial gains after claiming he had never made more than $400,000 in a single year.

Speaking to workers in Detroit on Wednesday, Biden said, “Every single thing I talk about, I pay for, by making sure, for the first time, the wealthy begin to pay what they should be paying. We’re not going to punish anybody. No one making under $400,000, which is more money than I’ve ever made, is going to have to pay more taxes.”

That is factually incorrect as the Wall Street Journal showed Biden had made $15.6 million in two years after leaving the White House.

According to the WSJ, “The former vice president, who has built his nearly five-decade political career as an advocate for middle-class families, made millions of dollars through paid speaking engagements, sales of his 2017 book, and his role as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.”

Biden took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book and profited from paid speaking engagements. For Biden to claim he has never made over $400,000 when he has made over $7 million a year is puzzling.

Biden believes he can lie to workers because the mainstream media will cover for him, but in this information age, no stone goes unturned. Joe Biden is not an honest candidate that will fight for the American worker.

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