BREAKING: Biden Family Scandal EXPOSED In Stunning Report [Details Here]

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin dropped the hammer on President Joe Biden.

Johnson said Biden wouldn’t be president if the “complicit” media hadn’t covered up family “corruption”

“Johnson emphasized the need for the American people to know the truth behind Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the financial ties to his father, President Joe Biden,” reports Breitbart News.

“Johnson argued that the elder Biden wouldn’t have been elected president had the ‘complicit media’ not covered up the story behind Hunter Biden’s laptop,” reports Breitbart News.

“When you have investigations into corruption within the public realm; when you’re talking about public political figures, we do this backward,” Johnson said. “I think we should start with congressional investigations. We should have full access to all the information. If we see [possibility] of wrongdoing, then we would refer it to the Justice Department. What happens now is the Justice Department starts a criminal investigation and then Congress, which means the American public, get no information whatsoever, even though that information is crucial for the electorate to determine whether or not they want to vote for somebody.”

Johnson continued, “You’ve seen the polls. Had the American public known the corruption of Biden, Inc., of Hunter Biden, The Big Guy, Joe Biden would not be president. My guess — we probably wouldn’t see Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine. The actions taken, the corruption of the complicit media and elements within our law enforcement and intelligence agencies have had an incredibly serious impact on our politics, on elections. They interfered in our elections to an extent that Russia could have ever hope to achieve.”

To see video of the interview, click here.

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