BREAKING: Biden Family Named In Stunning Chinese Corruption Scandal – Warning Rocks Nation

Peter Schweizer, author of the bombshell book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, revealed that the Biden family is the lynchpin to China’s plans to enthrall America’s elite.

Schweizer explained during an interview with Breitbart News Saturday that, “The subtitle of the book is how American elites get rich helping China win, and this reflects a strategy that Beijing has had. They’re pretty open about it, where the strategy is simply to buy off the elites of the United States and other countries.”

Our leaders have been pocketed by China and that means China has been able to remove its greatest obstacle to world domination without even firing a shot.

Schweizer went on to call out the Biden family as the prime example of China’s strategy.

Schweizer said, “So the elite capture for the Bidens, I think, is crystal clear. It’s demonstrated in Joe Biden’s posture towards China and the facts are the facts. Just imagine … in the Cold War days, if an American first family was doing deals, got $31 million from Russian businessmen who were linked to the KGB, I mean there would be alarm bells clanging all over Washington, DC. And I think that needs to be going on today, because that’s how serious this issue is.”

China having control over a family with the influence that the Biden’s wield was a problem before, but now they are in the White House. Republicans need to investigate just how compromised President Biden is, and impeachment will likely be on the table.

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