BREAKING: Biden Fall Stuns Nation – Trump Set For …

The newest Zogby poll shows President Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden virtually tied in the presidential race after Tuesday’s debate between the two and Trump’s hospitalization with the coronavirus on Friday.

In the poll, Biden had 49% support and Trump 47%, within the poll’s margin of error. The same poll on August 29 had Biden up six points over Trump.

“Contrary to my own observations, it looks like the President has not been hurt by his debate performance nor his hospitalization,” pollster John Zogby said, noting that Trump now has one percent higher support than he did at this time before the election in 2016.

For Democrats in the poll, the coronavirus was the top issue, and for Republicans, the economy and jobs were first.

Undecided voters were tied between the two candidates at 44% each, with 12% still undecided.

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