BREAKING: Biden Fall Stuns Media – America Questions If…

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s fall just stunned the mainstream media. Millions of Americans have serious questions now and they aren’t going away. This is a shocking development.

According to a poll conducted by Fox News, “Biden’s lead in the national popular vote among likely voters over President Donald Trump has dropped by two points in one month.” Biden leads Trump 51 percent to 46 percent.

This is down “from the seven point lead he had in the same Fox News Poll released one month ago,” the reported continued. It is clear that many Americans who were once leaning towards Biden are now questioning his fitness for office.

Biden spent weeks on end hiding in his basement and allowing media surrogates to attack Trump. Now that he has emerged, he has spent his time coddling the anti-America rhetoric of Antifa and enabling the violent riots that have engulfed U.S. cities.

After all, those looting, rioting, and hurting innocent people in our streets are not supporters of President Donald Trump — they are neo-Marxist agitators trying to create as much unrest as possible to scare Americans into submission.

But it isn’t going to work. The same poll found that “51 percent of poll respondents said their ‘best guess — as of today’ is that ‘Donald Trump will be re-elected president,'” and voter expectation may be a determining factor in the outcome in November.

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