BREAKING: Biden Emergency From Self Inflicted Wound – Nation Is..

At a Tuesday press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced record-breaking tourism in his state and briefly addressed the impact of federal inflation on the economy.

DeSantis called inflation a “self-inflicted wound” for President Joe Biden, caused by bad federal policies.

“They think they can just keep printing trillions of dollars and somehow you’re never going to see any consequence of that,” he said of Democrats.

“I can tell you it’s much higher than seven and a half percent,” DeSantis said. “How much has gas gone up? How much have groceries gone up? How much have different staples of building and construction and all that gone up? It’s all gone up way more than seven and a half percent.”

He urged Biden to change course and do what he needs to do to fight inflation and supply chain problems to make things better for the country.

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