BREAKING: Biden Election REVERSAL – It’s Not Happening

Former Vice President Joe Biden is reeling. An ‘election reversal’ was just announced — it isn’t happening and anti-Trump Democrats are stunned. They never expected this to happen.

“Emerson College/Nexstar Media surveyed voters in Ohio, Texas, and California and found Trump leading in both the Buckeye State and the Lone Star State,” reported Breitbart News this week. Biden’s fortune has been reversed.

In fact, so-called ‘conventional wisdom’ — which is really nothing more than hot air from DC political pundits — has said for months that Biden would run away with the election, but it appears that expectation was a faulty assumption.

According to the poll of voters in Ohio, Trump leads Biden 46-43 percent. Even more telling, however, is how many Ohioans believe Trump will be reelected — a decisive majority of 62 percent. That’s huge.

Ohio is a crucial swing state and it seems likely that it will remain with Trump. But then there’s Texas — a state that Democrats, laughably, think they will turn blue — and it’s not looking good for Biden there, either.

In Texas, Trump has the support of 47 percent of voters compared to Biden’s 41 percent. Also, as to be expected, 61 percent of Texas voters think Trump will win reelection. Biden is going to be embarrassed in November.

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