BREAKING: Biden Does VP Reversal – Nation Shocked

Former Vice President Joe Biden just issued a massive reversal on his decision for his own running mate. Millions of people across the nation are completely shocked — he is about to make a grievous political error and it will haunt him all the way to election day.

“Are you still considering Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as a potential vice presidential candidate?” asked Rick Albin, a reporter for WOOD TV, the local NBC affiliate out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Biden simply replied, “Yes.” This is a complete 180 from what was previously reported.

Back in June, the Wall Street Journal reported that Whitmer was no longer on Biden’s list, according to “prominent Democrats” with knowledge of Biden’s vetting process. Now, however, the controversial governor is apparently back on the list.

By all means, Biden should choose Whitmer — it would be a great thing for the Trump-Pence campaign. She has raised her national profile during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not for positive reasons. Her handling of it has drawn criticism from Michiganders across the state.

In fact, Whitmer’s inconsistent, impossible-to-follow rules resulted in many county sheriffs declaring they would not enforce her orders. It was incredibly embarrassing for Whitmer and she has yet to recover from the hit to her public image.

But Whitmer being on Biden’s ticket isn’t just a gift to Trump. Many activists within the Democratic Party have pushed for a black woman to appear alongside Biden, and the choice of Whitmer could very well lead to splintering within an already fractured political party.

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