BREAKING: Biden Diagnosis Confirmed – Dems Won’t Be…

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s diagnosis was just confirmed on a nationwide program. Democrats won’t be happy this November — now we know why. Biden can’t handle the campaign and especially the presidency.

Podcast host Joe Rogan declared on his show that he’s looking at Biden’s increasingly odd behavior “like a medical condition.” He said, “The guy can barely remember what he’s talking about while he’s talking.”

Rogan took several more shots at Biden as well, referring to him as “stumbling” and “very old.” He also predicted who would win in the likely match-up between President Donald Trump and Biden this coming November.

“Trump is going to eat him alive,” said Rogan. He isn’t the only one who has drawn this conclusion, either — many are already declaring Trump the victor. Democrats have shown themselves that they are concerned.

Politico even recently ran an article entitled, “Why some Democrats worry the coronavirus could help Trump win reelection.” In short, Democratic Party insiders have two main reasons for being uneasy.

“It’s a frozen campaign,” said Mark Longabaugh, a former senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders, commenting on the state of the Democratic primary. Also, there’s history: Presidents that lead through a crisis usually win re-election.

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