BREAKING: Biden DEVASTATED by Group of Children… He Wants These Photos DELETED

President Joe Biden posed with a group of children during an appearance in Shwanksville, Pennslyvania on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, but he might not have wanted any part of the photo op if he realized they might have been trolling him.

Several of the kids were wearing Trump hats or t-shirts in the photo, which seems a little out of place at a Biden appearance (but not out of place in rural Pennsylvania, certainly).

Were the children trying to send Biden a message about their political preferences, or just wearing what their parents dressed them up in while being excited to see their country’s president? It’s hard to tell.

Hey, at least they weren’t chanting “Biden go home!” or even nastier epithets like some have been doing lately. Not that Biden doesn’t deserve derision for his actions in Afghanistan.

Whether he got punked or was trying to be a conscious example of unity, it’s a picture that none of those kids will most likely forget.

See the photo here.


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