BREAKING: Biden DELETED This Seconds After Being Sworn In – Nation Shocked

President Joe Biden deleted this from existence mere moments after being sown in and the nation is shocked. Millions of people can’t believe what he did.

“The 1776 Commission was removed from the White House website about an hour after President Joe Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday afternoon,” reported Breitbart News. This is outrageous.

The commission, established by President Donald Trump, “had released its final report on Monday, fulfilling Trump’s request to reaffirm the importance of America’s founding principles in the daily life and education of its citizens.”

Thankfully, you can read the report here. Biden may be trying to erase Trump’s presidency, but the internet is forever — and once the report was released it started spreading around quickly. It isn’t going away.

Neither is Trump. In his farewell address, he promised to “be back in some form” and now speculation is swirling over what that might be. For one thing, he recently floated the idea of starting the Patriot Party.

This would be a major, influential party, that would compete with the Republican and Democrat parties. It is also rumored that Trump is weighing the possibility of launching his own media channel.

Read the full story here.

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